Allure’s Semptember and October Deals!

Keep on top of Allure’s deals by following us on any of the following:   Introducing: Use It and Choose it (Use&Choose): Allure is happy to announce its first constant deal designed to assist our clients in being able to bring home the products we use on them to ensure … Continue reading

Fascinating Color Technique from Redken – Luxe Blur

Redken has extended their Blur color technique with the new Luxe Blur technique. The Luxe Blur is all about a very extensive blend of two colors. It involves taking two different colors and blending together it a sort of patchwork pattern. What is the Redken Blur Color Technique? With the arrival … Continue reading

The Fall Blending Trends: Sombre!

Allure is ready for the new Color Trend of Fall the Sombre: The Sombre is the best counter to the sharp bright and drastic color change that just fits in the bright summer sun. With the change of the seasons and nature itself turning to the more soft brown colors. … Continue reading

Stylist Advice on the New “Super Lice” Mutation

We at Allure are all about hair and beauty, and with the new school year fast approaching and the alert of a new mutated strain of Lice code named “Super Lice” (key in super hero music). We at Allure would like to give you some pointers from hair experts on … Continue reading

Temptu Airbrush Makeup Now available!

Temptu Airbrush Makeup At Allure! We are proud to announce that we now provide Airbrush Makeup services at Allure! Temptu is an amazing airbrush makeup brand we have come to love. The unique Temptu airbrush station and airbrush pen provides an amazing makeup application process. For a clean and flawless … Continue reading

Spa Services at Allure

Let Allure pamper you with out amazing spa services. We have a spa package for every budget and every time frame. In a rush? Enjoy a Sport manicure or Mini Pedicure to get in and out with a quick but relaxing service. Our basic manicures and regular pedicures are a … Continue reading