Olaplex at Allure Improves Color Services in Multiple Ways

Introducing Olaplex Olaplex is a revolutionary system to hair lightening. Olaplex helps to lift your natural hair color without compromising the hairs natural integrity. The main ingredient helps to reconnect the disulfide bonds in hair which are normally broken during the color lifting process. This helps to prevent breakage of … Continue reading

Allure and SPAologi Providing All Natural, Organic Salt Scrubs.

Allure is proud to announce our recent partnership with new Beauty Product developer SPAologi, to bring an amazing product into the salon. SPAologi was formed this year in Rhode Island and makes All Natural, Organic Salt Scrubs with plans to move into  lotions, body sprays and even soaps in the … Continue reading

Redken takes care of Blonde Idols!

Redken has brought us yet another great line following the concept of the curvaceous line. Where Curvaceous is all about all curls are different. Blonde Idol is all about no two blonds being alike. You have your golden blonds and your platinum blonds just to mention two. The Blonde Idol … Continue reading