Fascinating Color Technique from Redken – Luxe Blur

Blur15_Midnight_510x510Redken has extended their Blur color technique with the new Luxe Blur technique. The Luxe Blur is all about a very extensive blend of two colors. It involves taking two different colors and blending together it a sort of patchwork pattern.

What is the Redken Blur Color Technique?

With the arrival of the new blending color trends such as Balayage and Ombre taking hold in the fashion world Redken saw that the standard coloring brush just did not do the blending justice. It needed a very careful hand and lots of practice to take a flat brush and use it to blend from one color to another along the length of hair. Redken looked into the desired outcomes and was able to come up with a new tool. The Redken Blur Brush,

Blur-Brush-Lo-Res42e544b2f121347754b45fc8d551f6a3This brush uses multiple lengths or bristles with a very specific firmness and texture designed to facility a perfect blending or “blur” effect of the two colors creating that perfect gradient desired by the Ombre and Balayage styles. With the creation of the brush Redken then came up with their first technique the Metallic blur. This technique fully embodies the idea behind an Ombre or Balayage. It is also now perfect for use with Fall 2015’s color trend the Sombre. The transition from one shade of color at the top  blending to another color in the middle as the transitional color and then ending with the second color. The blur technique adds in a little bit more then a traditional Ombre or Balayage. The Blur brush is designed to not just create a transition but a third color in between the two original colors to create a smooth and natural looking transition from one color to the other.

Example of a metallic blur

Example of a metallic blur

Redken Pastel Blur

49941e89869a65f4eaf9aa1a00b0d590Shortly after creating the Blur brush and spreading the use of the Metallic color technique. Redken knew that their was more they could do with this brush that couldn’t be done the same with the standard color application brush. The went to work on trying out new techniques with the new brush. Shortly after however the simplest way to change the Blur technique was to simply turn it 90 degrees. This created the Redken Pastel Blur. The Pastel Blur is a new styling behind Highlights with low lights. (aka chunky highlights) Where the original color technique would have strips of hair one color and the other strip next to it an opposite or extremely different color to create a heavily contrasted highlight the Pastel Blur technique is designed to create a more subtle and blurred style of this with strips of one color blended with another to create a more uniformed and connected highlight color. Instead of each strip of hair having one color each strip has both colors added to it side by side then blended together to create a third color in between for the transition. In the pictures below you the first image is the Highlights with low lights and the second is a Pastel Blur style.

The New Luxe Blur

LuxeRedken now had the Metallic and Pastel. This would seem to most to be the most you can do with color transition techniques. However Redken is not happy with that. At the same time why does a head of hair have to have only one technique done to the whole hair or to each strip or hair? Redken was able to come up with a new Blur technique they called Luxe with the knowledge that part of the hair can use this technique while the rest of the hair could use another technique or no technique at all. Redken’s Midnight blur (displayed at the top and again below) Displays this. This style only uses the Metallic Blur technique on the front part of the hair the rest of the hair is colored using a standard color technique (or if wanted a different technique can be done. Ask your stylist) Redken’s Rose Gold Blur takes two of it’s blur techniques to combine a Blur Ombre (Metallic Blur) with the Luxe at the bottom. The Strip of hair is treated as if in an Ombre however the end color at the bottom is treated as one of the colors for the Luxe. A second color usually different then the Ombre’s top color for a true contrast is added in via patchwork to create a fascinating color look near the ends of the hair. See below for examples:

Talk to your stylist!

Lisa and Danielle are Allure’s leaders in color techniques and enjoy the new Blur styles. They would be happy to talk to you about the multiple Blur techniques and styles to help you find the right style for you. Book your color appointment today Online or if not sure of what to do feel free to contact us with any questions or to setup a consultation for your hair.



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