The Fall Blending Trends: Sombre!

Allure is ready for the new Color Trend of Fall the Sombre:


Redken Caramel Sombre

The Sombre is the best counter to the sharp bright and drastic color change that just fits in the bright summer sun. With the change of the seasons and nature itself turning to the more soft brown colors. The subtle and soft migration from one color to the next (commonly a darker color at the base to a lighter color at the ends) with no harsh transition line. The sombre is very easy to maintain with simple yet stunning colors and great with any natural base color. Natural light brunette? Enjoy a smooth natural transition to a light almost blonde color such as the Caramel Sombre seen above. Starting with a darker shade enjoy the Mocha shade as seen below.

Redken Mocha Sombre.

This is the fourth rendition of multiple Hair Style Color “blending” techniques. The original was the Ombre which ruled the beginning of the year and through the summer with some strong competition from the Balayage which was designed around the summer with power color blends and strong transitions. Redken came out just recently with their Blur technique a blending technique that uses the ideas of Ombre, Balayage and Sombre but with a uniquely designed brush to help facilitate the blending process to help truly reach the perfect blending technique. Using the Redken Blur brush helps to really hit the “somber” part of the Sombre. The blur brush really assists the stylist in ensuring a truly blended and subtle transition line between the dark and light colors. However the Redken blur also has their own technique the Metallic blur read more on that soon. The sombre is the subtle Fall color blend while the Metallic Blur style is the blending color technique for those who still want to be fun and bold or subtle. Check out that article in the later days for more details.

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