Allure and SPAologi Providing All Natural, Organic Salt Scrubs.

Allure is proud to announce our recent partnership with new Beauty Product developer SPAologi, to bring an amazing product into the salon. SPAologi was formed this year in Rhode Island and makes All Natural, Organic Salt Scrubs with plans to move into  lotions, body sprays and even soaps in the near future. Allure will be using SPAologi scrubs in our services for pedicures and manicures to provide a wonderful rejuvenating service.

What does a Salt Scrub do for me?


At it’s basics a salt scrub is an exfoliating scrub that removes the dead skin from your hands and feet revealing the soft younger skin below. However SPAologi has taken this a step further using special sea salts, oils and herbs to enhance this exfoliating product. The exfoliation of dead skin cells and exposing the living soft skin below is very akin to a popular health technique called dry scrubbing with a brush but with a few more added benefits including the oils and minerals.

The SPAologi Salt Scrub.


SPAologi takes careful consideration in the type of salt they use in their scrubs. SPAologi has chosen to use salt over sugar due to the added minerals and nutrients found in all natural sea salt. Their Dead Sea Salt scrubs for example use Sea Salt extracted naturally from the Dead Sea in Israel. This salt is full of natural minerals including magnesium, bromides, potassium and calcium. All of which have amazing natural health benefits that can be absorbed by the soft exposed living skin. The healing properties of the Dead Sea have been recorded since ancient times being used by Egyptians and even being mentioned in religious texts for it’s benefits.


All natural Breton Grey Sea Salt.

SPAologi’s other staple salt is the Brenton French Gray salt harvested by hand from the island of Noirmoutier near Brittany, France. The extraction process is done by hand with the only ingredients being the salt, sun, and man power. The Salt is recognized as completely Organic and contains all its natural minerals and nutrients vital for the human body that occur naturally in the waters. The entire process is performed with simple tools the same tools used when the salt was originally extracted long ago and the process has never changed to ensure a high quality product.


The SPAologi Difference


Babassu Nuts make a light and smooth non-greasy oil with deep moisturizing attributes.

SPAologi is the fusion of Beauty and Science, they take the time to research each ingredient to verify it’s benefits and to ensure a quality product. SPAologi uses a high quality Essential Oil Blend which includes Vitamins A and E for wonderful skin benefits while the Babassu Oil soothes, moisturizes and protects the now exposed soft skin.

Other ingredients include all natural Shea Butter for a smooth texture and a moisturizing attribute. Along with goats milk powder and it’s multiple vitamins and minerals essential for healthy natural looking skin. Check out the SPAologi page on allure for more details on SPAologi’s ingredients and benefits.

The Starting Scrubs.

Our starting scrubs include the July Monthly special Scrub:

flag and applesSTAR*SPANGLEDscrub – American Pride at it’s finest! This scrub is made with the nutrient rich dead sea salt and SPAologie’s essential oil blend. This scrubs extra benefits come from the smooth moisturizing shea butter and vitamin enriched goats milk powder. With the fresh smell of delicious apples what’s more American then Apple Pie? With Red and Blue glitter this Star Spangled Scrub will show off your American spirit this July.


getKELP – The SPAologi signature scrub! This scrub has a wonderful aromatic natural scent. It’s a fresh and relaxing spa scent that can help bring the spa experience home. This scrub is made with the nutrient rich BOKEK Dead Sea Salt and SPAologie’s essential oil blend. With Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Organic Kelp granules the skin benefits are numerous. The kelp itself a great ingredient for locking in moisture and soothing skin.


lavenderTWIST – A wonderful flower scented scrub with a twist of apple. This scrub is made with the mineral rich Breton Grey Salt. With the Coconut oil mixed in with the shea butter and Goats milk powder this scrub is infused with wonderful vitamins and minerals for a smooth finish and a wonderful smell. The beautiful lavender coloring matches the lavender smell.


89bb06c6086e2b837d94c884d7ec3720.image.350x349DEADscrub – There is nothing dead about this scrub! This scrub has the most health benefits of the SPAologi Sea Salt Scrub line. This scrub is made with the Dead Sea Salt and Dead Sea Clay both full of beneficial nutrients the skin begs for. With Babassu Oil, renown for it’s light and smooth texture and moisturizing ability. The DEADscrub’s revitalizing ability is only extended with Organic Coconut Oil and Shea Butter for an all around moisture locking and rejuvenating experience.


Check out the full details on the SPAologi page found here on Allure Salon.

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