Temptu Airbrush Makeup Now available!


Temptu Airbrush Makeup At Allure!

We are proud to announce that we now provide Airbrush Makeup services at Allure! Temptu is an amazing airbrush makeup brand we have come to love. The unique Temptu airbrush station and airbrush pen provides an amazing makeup application process. For a clean and flawless makeup application

Why AirBrush?

Airbrush makeup application provides a completely different overall experience and end result then the traditional brush and hand applications of other makeup brands. The airbrush process is free of any bristle brushes or the need for hand manipulation and as such is a completely clean service with no chance of cross contamination from other clients. Only the make up and air touch your skin. The Temptu system uses interchangeable Air Pods that can be quickly swapped on the fly allowing for a complete makeup solution all done with the same airbrush. Since all the makeup is applied the same way and with the same device the end result is a cohesive finish that can’t be matched by the use of different brushes with different bristle thickness and types. The end result looks natural and complete and almost as if there is no makeup.

The Temptu system is designed with all makeup applications in mind. Sheer, medium and full coverage can all be done with the Temptu system. Even a simple foundation only is a complete service with Temptu’s foundation pods acting as a 4 in 1 pod taking on the jobs of not only foundation but primer, concealer and correcter for a great start on any makeup application. We can then snap in a blush pod for a quick pop of color or a bronzer to give you that all natural sun-kissed look or natural looking glow.

The Temptu system is strong enough to cover beauty marks and acne but diverse enough to give just a simple lift, a pop of color, a natural glow and even some strong contouring. Ask your cosmetologist what we can do for you with Temptu. Let us know what look your going for and how we can help you to achieve it!

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